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This retreat is the next level up from our Becoming Truly You Experience. Come and immerse yourself for 3 days with other women who are ready to heal some part her mind, her heart, or her soul.  The Self-ish retreat attracts women from across the globe and the round the country because they are in search of their truth, power, authentic self-expression. She’s looking for her voice and a deeper meaning in life. Come learn how to overcome thoughts and habits that are not serving you. Learn how you can not only change your mind but your body and your pocket book all while enjoying the amazing relaxation and girl time.

Those women who attend the Self-ish retreat are the ones that hear the call, or feel the pull. If you’re ready to do whatever is required to grow, then I encourage you to start packing!

Next Retreat - Atlanta, GA Oct 22-24th 2021 
Cost: $60.00 Cost includes access to 3 interactive workshops, Workbook, T-shirt.

Grab Your Seat

For discount hotel and shuttle accommodations please email froper@gmail.com

2019 Self-ish Retreat

Hosted By:

Gloria Ward

Founder I'm Loving Me Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we be doing in the workshop?

This is the most commonly asked question; unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer we can give you. Most of time you will be sharing and listening to stories of other women and learning tools to self heal. Most of the Women from the Becoming Truly You Experience describe it as the following:

  • Unbelievable!

  • Amazing!

  • More than I could have ever imagined

  • You  could not have described this

  • Life changing...

What should I bring?

Bring an Open Mind. An Open Heart. And, a Willing Spirit. You Must Be Willing! You will be sent a list of all other materials required once you register.

Is there a dress code?

The environment for the workshop is causal. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We do conduct early morning exercise workouts so make sure you pack sweats, t-shirts and workout clothing.

Do I have to participate in all sessions?

Yes. All workshop participants are required and expected to participate in all sessions

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