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Let's have a heart to heart.

When I lost my mother after a long battle of her addiction, it rocked my world. Being raised by my grandmother, I was fortunate to have her guidance. With all the struggle I've endured I managed to become a successful entrepreneur in spite of my background of poverty and loss. I believe every young adult needs a positive influence, someone to guide them in the right direction.

I knew Students Without Mothers was the organization for me. I am pleased to be a Board Member and mentor. As we move forward together, I would love for my community to consider donating to this cause.

Our students receive a $4,000 scholarship (distributed in annual distributions of $1,000), life coaching support, and grief counseling. In addition, during their senior year of high school, they will participate in a year-long life coaching and grief counseling program before heading off to college. During these sessions, they will learn how to prepare for college and necessary life skills, including:

  • How to Choose a College

  • How to Choose a Major

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques

  • Decision Making Process

  • Financial Aid Do’s and Don’ts

  • Most importantly, How to Cope with Loss,
    as they deal with trying to move on without
    their mother’s love, support, and guidance.

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