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Release the Past - Boost Self Esteem - Recognize Your Worth - Embrace Who You Are

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Atlanta, GA | July 24th 2021

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Pittsburgh, PA | Sept 26th 2021

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To the Women Who Want MORE out of Life

Do you wake up everyday knowing there is more to life than what you’re living? Do you feel like there are some things in your life you need to heal? I’ve had the pleasure to speak and interact with thousands of women around the world and I’m convinced about one thing: We all genuinely want to be happy and live our highest and truest self. That means, you can have, be, or do anything you want no matter where you are or how old you are.

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What Is Becoming Truly You About?

This workshop will take you on an amazing journey of self-discovery. Attendees can expect to discover:

Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Standing In The Way Of Your Own Happiness?

has life challenges and struggles kept you stuck in a place where you felt you had no way out? There comes a time where we must take a step back and gain perspective and insight as to who we are and where we really want to go in life. Most of us women put our time and effort into others and rarely focus on ourselves.

Gloria Ward shares candid stories of how she overcame some of life biggest and common challenges. Disappointments, abandonment, broken heart, and grief are just a few. Becoming Truly you breaks down the lessons and the tools you can use to start the journey of self healing. However, Gloria is not content to let the stories end with telling you what is possible. She wants to empower you to Become Truly You and created an interactive workbook and platform to walk you through the process.

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How Does The Process Work?

The process begins with emphasis on Releasing the past. Tapping into that little girl inside of you and exposing all the things that now as an adult is keeping you stuck. It then takes you through a series of tools and lessons to help you see the woman in the mirror and how you can love and accept her for who she is and how you can help her grow.

The ACTION phase is the journaling and connection with others who are passionate about change and who have decided to commit to truly transforming their life..

It’s time to stop being everything to everyone and FINALLY CHOOSE YOU!

What Women Are Saying About Becoming Truly You

Cori Wamsley |

Vulnerable and Empowering

“What an inspiring and empowering book! I love how she digs deep into her story to give the reader examples of how what she's discussing plays out in a real person's life. AND she doesn't leave the reader hanging. She goes into the lessons she learned and explains the feelings surrounding each incident, how they impacted her life, and how she grew from it. Best of all, she shows that even though life happens to us, we can learn and build from everything we experience. I highly recommend this book!”

Kelli Komodor|

Great information

“First of all, "No." is a sentence! Gloria gives great information on how to push yourself, but in a good way. She provides a real-life, true account to how she became successful and shows you that YOU CAN TOO! It was a great read. I finished it in one night! Once I have the hard copy, I know I'll read it again and highlight and take notes. Thank you for this timely information that all women need! ”

Marie Charles |

Real, raw and empowering!!! The best guide to self love!!

“I love how inspiring and transparent Gloria is in this book! If you’re looking for some real, raw and an outright empowering book to get you started on your self-love journey, THIS IS THE ONE!! It’s not just a book, it’s a community that she invites you to join with the I’m Loving Me Project! Do yourself a favor and start your self-love journey too! ”

Reginald Mckenzie |

This book has helped me tremendously

“I think this book is so well written and so appropriate for the times that we are im. It was definitely on time for me personally because I too am going through a healing process and this book is helping me through it. Thank you Ms. Gloria Ward. This book was captivating, as it is very relatable. I was shocked how quickly I was able to move through this book. The points are truly valid and a great start to self healing and building. I would recommend this book to anyone who feel stuck trying to move into a new life awareness but feel hindered by the limiting beliefs that we inherited from childhood. It’s certainly a stepping stool to a higher vibration of your true self. Thanks Gloria”

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What does Gloria have to say about the workshop?

"When you change a woman’s mind for the better, you change a nation.”

Most of the time, when a woman doesn’t know who she is and how powerful she is, she mistakenly believes other people know. She starts to put all of her strength and all of her love in others and never even think to take care of herself. God’s gift to every woman is the ability to nurture and discern. Unfortunately because she experienced trauma or life changing situations, her true self is buried beneath hurt, pain, habit and negative perception. When we as women put our self last and not consider our feelings, we usually attract people who use, manipulate, betray, dishonor, and leave us at the side of the road. We still continue to fight because that’s how we were trained but the days and times are over for living in Toxic relationships..

Becoming Truly You address those deep feelings and emotions you have inside. It addresses those past traumas that are ruling your life and we give you the tools and the techniques to start to self heal. We’ve been on a mission to inspire one million women world wide and we will not stop until we reach our goal.

I don’t care if you’re a stay at home mom, a VP of a fortune 500 company or a business owner. WE ALL HAVE A STORY and our movement consist of women just like you ready and here to help you improve. This movement is about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of life that you desire and deserve.

I’m so excited to share this amazing first step with you. Make a decision today to join our movement.

Remember, your story matters.

Love you,

Gloria Ward. 

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